TCGA 2013 Nonogram Tournament Result

The rules:

1. Machine model is not limited. Only allowed to use single CPU core.

2. Input is random generated, with random seed determined by all participants.

3. The input file consists 1000 25x25 nonogram questions. The ratio of black cell is ranging from 0.5 to 0.35 in order. (This means that the difficulty of puzzles is roughly increasing in input order.)

4. Each program solve these puzzles in order (cannot skip) in 70 minutes.

5. For the puzzles with multiple solutions, the program only need to generate 1 solution.

6. The rank is determined by the number of solved puzzles. If there are two groups have the same number of solved puzzles, determined by the times of solved puzzles.

The participants:

Program Name Authors Organizition
LalaFrogKK 陳干越 郭青樺 康皓華 孫德中 NCTU
thunono Lung-Pin Chen THU
TheUninitiated 葉家郡 洪俊豪 劉曉青 NTCU


Input file

Random generator:

The seed and command to generate input:

./ 25 1000 0.5 0.35 556618396385245461349875

The random generated file: tcga2013-question, tcga2013-solution


Rank Program Name Solved Time
1 LalaFrogKK 1000 672s
2 thunono 217 4200s
3 TheUninitiated 14 4200s